Play to learn and learn to play.

Classes and workshops for families, babies, children, teens, and folks with special needs. 



Yoga and Drama Classes

You better believe that  little ones can do yoga! In fact, yoga may come from natural human developmental movement. Jessica's yoga classes offer playful bonding experiences, familiar songs, and age-appropriate ways to engage the body and mind of both the adult and the child.  Private family or small group classes available by request.   

Drama, acting, playwriting and storytelling take the magic off the page and stage and bring into the lives of young artists.  Jessica's inclusive classes are designed for ages and skill levels.  Private audition coaching for young actors available by appointment. 



Workshops for Parents and Educators

Using skills honed in yoga studios and classrooms for fifteen years, Jessica's family workshops and professional development events offer playful experiential learning for adults.



Ellie, 2 years old

"That was a great class! "



"Your class was the one hour every week when I was actually able to wind down and relax. And I’m still singing every time I do the tree pose!!!"  Jana S. 

"You were a huge part of what kept me sane that year. I so looked forward to your class every week."  Ellie F.S. 


Workshop Participants


"Thank you so much for a brilliant workshop. You are an amazing resource in our community. I took away a lot that I’ll be using in my personal life and also with my clients."  Carol W. 

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